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I am encouraging people to join the workshop feedback group

Workshopfeedback in an interactive Google Group forum that allows members to share their work and comments.   You will not be ridiculed here, and no one is going to go out of his or her way to correct your grammar and spelling.  No one expects you to be perfect.  You are welcome as you are,  just so long as you like to write and follow the rules.

Workshopfeedback is free.  No advertising.  No gimmicks. No fees.

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The rules of the group are as follows:  No pornography.  No advertising.  No political or religious proselytization, no hate messages, no personal attacks, no personal slanders, no forwarded messages without list approval, and no attachments.  This is a "closed list" and  non-members cannot submit to it.  

The list is highly recommended to those who are attempting the six week fiction and non-fiction sequences.  Other writing is welcome so long as it stays within the guidelines listed above.  The list discourages the chapter by chapter submission of book length works.

The group welcomes beginners.  We expect you to be over 18, or to have your parents or guardians approval.  

If you have questions,  Click here to send us an email message


Click here to send us an email message