Fantasty sequence continued


Do these quickly and let them run together as an  animated list. When you get to the end of the prompts, keep on going with the list, this time using your own prompts. 

Before you begin, think of all the children you know and have known (well, maybe not all!)  You could start out your list with their names if you wish.  You could start with children you knew when you were a child, children you have known over the years, children you presently know.  You don't have to list these names, but if you want to, go ahead. 

Now, using not just your own childhood as a source, but childhood as you have observed it as your source, begin. 

An object many children seem to fear. 

An object a certain child feared. 

Another, and another, and another object that is feared.  Be sure you include some that are not feared by everybody.  (example:  A three year old boy fears a picture hanging on his grandmother's living room wall.  The picture must be hidden when his mother brings him for a visit). 

An object that a child desires, and another, and another.  Include objects that make perfect sense, and objects that seem strange. 

A sound children fear.  Do this for more than one child, more than one sound.  Remember, you are not writing a continuous animated list.  Some entries should be long, some short.  Some may be repeated. 

And now, on your own, you provide the prompts.  Keep the list going until you have fairly worn yourself out.  So much for writer's block! 

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