Fantasy and the Child's View

 I have heard it said that the imagination, so visible in children, becomes repressed and even diminished in adults.  I'm not sure I buy this, but I do see childhood as an essential element of our imaginative lives. 

The essay that could be written on this subject is much too ambitious for me to attempt.  Therefore, I simply ask that you consider how strange and new and wonderful the world must seem to someone who is new to it, and who lacks to capacity to comprehend so much of it. 

And now the exercises, followed by first another animated list, and then a fantasy event.  Do both, like a good little boy or girl.  Otherwise the boogyman may come and eat you. 

Warmups:  How to do them.  Keep each warmup exercise brief, a paragraph at the most.  If you feel like you want to write more, come back to the subject at a later date. 

We will begin with autobiographical material.  Do not respond with a single word, an "answer" but with several complete sentences.  Okay, maybe a few fragments allowed.  Okay, maybe an entire paragraph.  Just don't launch yourself into a full length narrative.  Save that for later.  You will need it. 

1.  An object (from your childhood) that was too large. 
2.  An object (from your childhood) that seemed to small. 
3.  An object (from your childhood) that you distrusted. 
4.  An object (from your childhood) that you could not name. 

1.  A sound that was too loud. 
2.  A sound that was not  loud enough. 
3.  A sound that seemed very far away 
4.  A sound you could not name. 

Now you may not have a response for every one of these prompts.  Do not let that dismay you, and do not let that stop you from writing something in response to the prompt.  A writer should never be at a loss for words. 

Now turn the  PAGE