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    If you are an advanced writer looking for a way to get published, this is not the site for you.  What we have here is for people who would like to write, but wonder how to get started.  The process is not as difficult as some imagine, but neither is it effortless.  It asks that you approach your task with  patience, an open inquiring mind, and the ability to hear what others are trying to say--qualities I'm sure you already have, else you would not be here at all.

    Before there can be writing, there must be some kind of pre-writing activity.    That is why this workshop begins by addressing the single most critical issue a writer must face before even beginning a story:

"Choice of Material."

    By "material" I mean the experience and knowledge any writer brings to his or her art.  Your material is who you are, what you are,  and what you know:  It is what you can write comfortably and intelligently about.  Material you do not possess must be researched or imagined, matters which will be taken up in this workshop, but not at this moment.

    The exercises  that follow are modeled upon exercises done in the Chicago Storyarts Workshop.  For best results I suggest you take them slowly, step by step, keeping in mind that these opening sequences should be spread out over six weeks.   I will explain what I am looking for as we go along.  Now, sharpen your pencil, and click   "NEXT ."

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