Hedda Waldenstrom
response to the six week on-line workshop short image exercise
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Hedda Waldenstrom

object exercise

An object I am planning to get rid of.

Do I have an object I am planning to get rid of! The object is 1,85 meters
wide, 1,25 meters high and about 2,50 meters long. It occupies my entire
bedroom and in fact I sleep on top of it. It is a structure built out of
wooden boards, like a small hut, with walls, roof and a floor and even a
little door. Inside it is padded with thick foam rubber, walls, floor and
ceiling and the foam rubber is coated with white fabric. So when you are
inside, it is like being in a room the size of a double bed with only enough
room to sit up, not stand, and all white and quiet. It has a weak light
inside and also a fan on the outside that can blow fresh air into the box.
This is a real 22 year old honest-to-God Primal Box, if you have ever heard
of them.

Once upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles there lived a man by the name
of Arthur Janov. One day he decided that he had solved the riddle of
emotional pain and how to get rid of it and its consequences. He named the
solution Primal Therapy and wrote a book about it, which was widely
published. Certain people who read the book felt a strong calling to go to
Janov and try this cure. It was part of the therapy to scream very very
loudly and for this reason some people soon began to construct special big
boxes that you could have in your apartment and crawl into and do your
primal therapy and scream all you wanted.

I was one of the people who felt that calling and in 1976, when I returned
from LA, I felt I needed a primal box in my apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.
Two friends helped me build it and for some years it was in fact used for
crying and screaming in but later deteriorated into serving as a
childrens´(very much appreciated) playhouse and a place to sleep in when the
neighbours were too noisy. For some years now I have toyed with the idea of
getting rid of it. I am prepared to give it away to anybody who will come
and take it apart and away. But alas, nobody seems to want it , at least
nobody I have asked. I guess I have to advertise somewhere. Perhaps a note
on the bulletin board of the local Osho center will do the trick?