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These stories are not meant to please you; they are meant to challenge you.  They were not chosen simply on the basis of their content.  They  were chosen because (1) they can be  reached with a click of the mouse; (2) they have been published in literary markets that hold to high standards; (3) they (with a few exceptions)  are written by living writers who are hard at work publishing today, and (4) they represent a variety of styles and approaches to story.  That, I believe, makes them more valuable to you than any number of  "how to write" manuals

Yes, I like these stories, but liking is not the point.   I believe you can learn from them.  Don't be afraid.  Plunge right in.  .(The links below take you to other people's web sites.  While you are visiting, take the time to look around and see what else they have to offer.

Violet (from the Night That Edith Didn't Die
by Jennifer Dickenson
publishd in Blackbird

Excerpted from a novel, this  passage stands up as a strong and disturbing  story

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My Uncle Ezekiel


From the Virgina Quarterly Review

A story from modern Nigeria

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The High Stool
by Abha Iyengar

from Gowanus

 A disturbing little story from one of the best internation web zines.

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Come Japanese

Japanese mail-order brides ship out.

a short story from Granta

by Julie Otsuka

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Big Me, by Dan Chaon

from the Gettsyburgh Review

I liked this one so much I went right over to Amazon and bought the book. (Among the Missing)  I also forgave the editors of the Gettysburgh Review for every rejection slip they ever sent me.

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A short story from Blackbird
 Sea Oak, by George Saunders

from the Barcelona Review
X-Rated?  Yes. Porno? I don't think so!
I went out and bought this guy's book too!

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Polar Arms, by Leon Rooke

from the archives of Blackbird

What happens when an elephant takes up residence in a high rise.

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