Full Lenth Exercise

A Place You Know Well

This article should run about 1000 words, just long enough to force you to find extra things to say.  You may rewrite and lengthen one of the warmup exercises for your article if you choose.

Some things to look for in your exercise.

Objects.  What objects are present?   Where are they? 

Sounds.  What sounds do you hear in your place? 

Smells:  What smells are present in your place.

Textures.  What are some of the things you touch in your place.

People and other creatures.  Yes, see the people in your place, but do keep the focus on the place itself.  Don't let an essay on your mother's kitchen turn into an essay on your mother.  You will get your chance to do that next week.

One of the purposes of this exercise is to encourage you to focus on one idea, without blocking out related material.  If you do err and begin to ramble, this doesn't necessarily ruin the exercise.  Better to ramble than to be dull.

It is important that you accept the challenge this assignment offers.  Perhaps you'd rather write about something else. Save it for later.  Right now, accept the challenge, and make the most of it.  Before you start, be sure your turn the page and read the rest of the instructions!

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