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 Missouri Review

                                         by Eric Lupfer

Gentian Pond Shelter, New Hampshire

On the Trail, you hear about Ward Leonard long before you meet him. At the Gentian Pond theYankee Buckeye told us, "Ward's jumped into shelters at one in the morning, shelters where he knew there were other thru-hikers, and yelled,  'You're not gonna make it! You don't have what it takes'"  The Yankee Buckeye shook his fist in the air, miming Ward's rage.


The Mimbres
by Sharman Russell

                THREE YEARS BEFORE my husband and I bought land on the Mimbres River, an unusual amount of winter snow and spring rain prompted what locals authoritatively called a "hundred-year flood." That left us ninety-seven years. We were also reassured by the large dikes built by the Army Corps of Engineers between our agricultural field and the river-bed. These dense gray mounds of gravel, contained improbably with heavy mesh wire, were ten feet high, twelve feet at the base, and ugly  . . .



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