Like to Write?  Nonfiction Writing Workshop for Beginners


Exercise 1.  A Place You Know Well

For this exercise you want to choose a place that is nearby and familiar.  Something you can easily do.

Maybe you want to write about your church. Maybe you want to write about your favorite pub.  Maybe you want to write about the local park.

You are not going to write a description.  You are going to write about the place. 

A description is what you give the cops.  Height, weight, color of eyes, hair, scars, marks, tattoos.

In writing about a place, you mean to tell us something about that place.

What it is.

Where it is.

What it is for.

What it looks like, and what it feels like.

What it means.  To you.  To others.

What the future may hold for it.

All these things and more are part of what your place is about.

First we will do a series of "warmup" exercises

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