Like to Write?  Storyarts Nonfiction Writing Workshop for Beginners

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Paul Pekin
Academic and publishing history
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Like to Write?

These "lessons" on writing essays, articles and other forms of short nonfiction are designed for beginners. 

1.  Each sequence will consist of a series of simple exercises.

2.  The only requirement is that you follow the format I give, and write as well as you can.  All Storyarts' services are free!

3.  When you complete your exercises, you may send them to  storyarts. Do not use attachments.  Save your exercises in plain text format, copy them to your clipboard, and paste them into your regular email programs.  This will save time as storyarts does not open attachments.

4.  You may begin with the basic six week fiction writing sequence which is designed to demonstrate the importance of choice of material and  point of view.  Many of the beginning fiction exercises are equally useful for fiction and nonfiction writers. 
 Six Week Beginning Fiction Sequence

5.  To begin nonfiction sequence go to

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